National Economics Olympiad

NEO First prize winners 2021

The winners of 2021 (left to right):
Andrea Pogliano, Yasmine van der Straten, Antonia Kurz

This year we organized the first completely online version of 5th The National Economic Olympiad of 2021 in association with the Study Association Aeclipse and Erasmus School of Economics (ESE).

The competition garnered interest from various universities across the Netherlands including University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Maastricht University to name a few. This resulted in a record high of over 80+ students or 30 teams applying for the Olympiad. After careful consideration 11 teams were selected to compete in NEO 2021.

The competition was tough and fierce, but three teams made it through and grabbed the winnings for the Olympiad. The second and third prize winners won 200 euros and 100 euros respectively. Whereas, the winning team not only received a monetary compensation of 300 euros but also won an in-house day with ABN-AMRO!

NEO winnaars

The winners of 2020 (left to right):
Ngoc Ha Nguyen, Jorn Bootsma, Laurenz Marstaller.

NEO jury

The panel (left to right): Robert Dur (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Ana Figueiredo (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Harry van Dalen (Tilburg University).

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