2020 Prof. Sendhil Mullainathan (University of Chicago) “Machine Learning in Economics and Policy”

2019 Prof. Larry Katz (Harvard University) “Extending the Race between Education and Technology”

2018 Prof. Edward Glaeser (Harvard University) ‘The making of a city’

2017 Prof. Dani Rodrik (Harvard University) ‘Economics, Globalization, and the Populist Backlash’

2016 Prof. Daron Acemoglu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) ‘Democrary, Institutions and Growth’

  • 2015 Prof. Barry Eichengreen (University of California, Berkeley) ‘The great depression in a modern mirror’
  • 2014 Prof. Larry Summers (Harvard University) ‘Reflections on Secular Stagnation’
  • 2013 Prof. Robert Shiller (Yale University) ‘Bubbles, Financial Crises, and the GoodSociety’
  • 2012 Prof. Carmen Reinhart (Harvard University, Peterson Institute for International Economics en University of Maryland) ‘A Decade of Debt’
  • 2011 Prof. Stanley Fischer (Governor bij de Bank of Israel) ‘Central Banking after the Crisis’
  • 2010 Professor André Sapir (Université Libre de Bruxelles) ‘Can EMU survive without closer integration?’
  • 2009 –
  • 2008 Professor Mathias Dewatripont (Université Libre de Bruxelles) ‘Academia versus Private Research in the Process of Innovation: On the Value of Academic Freedom and Openness’
  • 2007 Professor Raghuram Rajan (University of Chicago) ‘Foreign capital, imbalances and economic growth’
  • 2006 Professor Jagdish N. Bhagwati (Columbia University) ‘Globalization’s critics: why they are mistaken’
  • 2005 Professor David Cutler (Harvard University Cambridge MA) ‘The economics of health system payment’ & Drs. J.F. Hoogervorst MA (Dutch Minister of National Health, Welfare and Sport)
  • 2004 Professor Hans Werner Sinn (CES, IFO) ‘Europe’s demographic deficit a plea for a child pension system’ & Minister Aart Jan de Geus (Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment) ‘Haalbaarheid van huidige sociale stelsel in verhouding met arbeidsparticipatie’
  • 2003 Professor J. Tirole (University of Toulouse) ‘Redesigning the employment protection system’ & Dr. J.P. Balkenende (Dutch Prime Minister) ‘Beyond makeability; reinforcing the fundaments of society and economy’
  • 2002 Professor J.J. Heckman (University of Chicago, Department of Economics) ‘The supply side of the race between demand and supply: policies to foster skill in the modern economy’ & Mr. A.H.E.M. Wellink (President of De Nederlandsche Bank NV) ‘The monetary strategy of the Eurosystem – an assessment’
  • 2001 Professor J. Drèze (Professor Emeritus Université Catholique de Louvain) ‘Economic and social security: the role of the EU’ & Mr. F. Vandenbroucke (Belgian Minister of Social Affairs and Pensions)
  • 2000 Professor P.A. Diamond (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) ‘Social Security Reform with a focus on the Netherlands’ & Mr. W.A.F.G. Vermeend (Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment) ‘Social economic developments in the Netherlands and the significance of participation in the labour process’
  • 1999 Professor O.J. Blanchard (Massachsetts Institute of Technology, Department of Economics) ‘What do we know about macroeconomics that Fisher and Wicksell did not?’ Mr. J.P. Pronk (Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) ‘Aid as a Catalyst’
  • 1998 Professor R.R. Nelson (International Political Economics, Colombia University, School of International and Public Affairs) ‘The sources of industrial leadership: a perspective on industrial policy’ Mr. C.A.J. Herkenströter RA (former President-Director Royal Shell Group) ‘Drie dimensies van verantwoord internationaal ondernemen’
  • 1997 Mr Joseph E. Stiglitz (Senior Vice President and Chief Economist World Bank) ‘Central Banking in a Democratic Society’ & Professor F.A. Maljers (CEO Unilever) ‘Dilemma’s voor een industriebeleid’
  • 1996 Professor P. Krugman (Stanford University) ‘Technology, trade and wages’ Mr. G. Zalm (Dutch Minister of Finance) ‘Het financiële beleid in de komende jaren’
  • 1995 Professor A.B. Atkinson (Nuffield College) ‘The Distribution of income: Evidence, Theories and Policy’ Mr. C.J.A. van Lede (Chairman Akzo Nobel) ‘Werk boven inkomen: wensdroom of werkelijkheid?’
  • 1994 Professor Franco Modigliani (Massachuchetts Institute of Technology) ‘The Shameful Rate of Unemployment in the EMS: Causes and Cures’ Mr. W.F. Duisenberg (President of De Nederlandsche Bank) ‘Prijsstabiliteit en woelige financiële wateren’
  • 1993 Professor Assar Lindbeck (University of Stockholm) ‘Overshooting, reform and retreat of the welfare state.’ & Professor F.H.J.J. Andriessen (former Vice-Chairman of the European Commission) ‘Actuele ontwikkelingen in het Europese Intregratieproces’
  • 1992 Professor Martin Feldstein (Harvard University) ‘The recent failure of US monetary policy’ Mr. E. van Lennep (former OECD Secretary-General) ‘Omvang en prioriteiten van internationale inkomensoverdrachten’
  • 1991 Professor Robert M. Solow (Massachuchetts Institute of Technology) ‘Policies for economic growth’ Mr. J.E. Andriessen (former Dutch Minister of Economics Affairs)
  • 1990 Professor János Kornai (Harvard University and Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest) Mr. Jacques Attali (former President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
  • 1989 Professor James Tobin (Yale University) ‘On the theory of macroeconomic policy’ Mr. H.O.C.R. Ruding (Dutch Minister of Finance) ‘Voorwaarden voor economische groei in de jaren negentig’
  • 1988 Professor Edmond Malinvaud (Collège de France) ‘Profitability and factor demands under uncertainty’ Mr. H.H.F. Wijffels (Chairman of the Board of Rabobank) ‘Economische politiek voor de jaren negentig’
  • 1987 Professor Lawrence Klein (University of Pennsylvania) ‘Carrying forward the Tinbergen Initiative in Macroeconometrics’ Mr. R.F.M. Lubbers (former Dutch Prime Minister)